A Holistic Approach to Operating Your Practice

Maxim Software Systems has provided dental management solutions for over 40 years. Used by thousands of dentists on three continents, Maxim’s flagship brand, Maxident, is a suite of software products that integrates cutting-edge technologies like voice input, touch screen, tablet design, electronic signature, and digital imaging to help dental offices improve productivity, optimize efficiency, boost income, and, most importantly, ensure optimal patient oral health.

Committed to helping the dental industry provide excellent care, Maxident is offering Canadian dental practices access to the full-featured Maxident Practice Management software at no charge to them, along with free data conversion to help integrate the software into their practices. 

Implementation of this software, along with the concepts and practical tools provided in Responsible Dental Ownership, will significantly enhance your practice’s ability to provide optimal care while increasing its profitability.  From initial patient contact and scheduling to check-in, treatment, check-out, insurance claims, payments, and patient re-care – improve your processes today, at no charge

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How Efficiently Is Your Practice Being Run?

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