Are you leading your team with purpose?

Alex Zlatin leverages the power of purpose to move past conflict and achieve a symbiosis between patient oral care and operational business excellence.

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Responsible Dental Ownership

Many dentists quickly achieve financial success, but since dental schools rarely include business classes, eventually they plateau.

Want your dental practice to thrive? It’s time to start thinking differently. Your first step as a dentist and business owner is to define your purpose. In Alex Zlatin’s book, he bridges the gap between the healthcare and business aspects of dental practices.

Secure your copy of Alex’s book— a step-by-step guide, Responsible Dental Ownership.

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Having spoken to hundreds of dentists, office managers, and staff, Alex Zlatin has found one surprising, yet universal, fact: few are confident about how to effectively manage a dental practice.

Learn how to excel at the business side of your practice. Call for your free phone consultation today.

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