Alex Zlatin leverages his extensive management experience in Responsible Dental Ownership, a detailed guide providing practical tools and a unique, proven approach to running a successful dental practice. Responsible Dental Ownership reveals how to move past conflict to achieve a symbiosis between patient oral care and operational business excellence, ensuring the wellbeing of your patients, employees, and business.

Readers will discover the gaps in their current business operations and learn fundamental tools for effectively managing a dental practice. Responsible Dental Ownership will ensure you have:

  • The ability to recognize and communicate your true, guiding purpose for owning and operating your dental practice 
  • A better understanding of how to attract and retain patients
  • The necessary tools for operating a successful practice, including the top six categories of vendors/tools you will need
  • Knowledge of how to better incorporate specific marketing tools into your business and create a clearer, more attractive brand
  • The confidence and strategies for attracting, finding and letting go of the right staff to achieve your goals

Whether you’re a dentist who owns a practice and is looking to improve, a dentist who does not yet own an office but would like to, or an office manager struggling to see your dental practice succeed, Responsible Dental Ownership provides simple-yet-powerful tools to help guide you and your clinic to success and fulfilment.

Get your copy today and begin your journey to greater patient and practice success.

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