I like to think dentists fall into one of two groups. The first group focuses on dentistry and oral health – training themselves to be experts in the medical aspects of their jobs. The other consists of dentists who are more entrepreneurial – those who are not trying to be world-renowned specialists, but want a financially successful franchise of dental clinics. 

But the reality is, the majority of dentists fall somewhere in between. These dentists and their practices are stuck in the middle trying to juggle a bit of each without consistency – which is rarely successful. The fact is, owning and running an efficient dental clinic is stressful and can be overwhelming, which is why so many dentists struggle. However, when done well, it yields pride, vigor, and a sense of accomplishment.

So, to get your practice running as efficiently as possible, we must first assess where it currently stands. In this assessment, I will walk you through ten important aspects of your dental clinic, and provide suggestions and areas of focus as we go along. Let’s get started.

Step 1/21: Start
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